Russian Florida AdvertisingYou have already heard about the great services that RussianTown Magazine provides to the businesses advertizing with us. However, we don’t want you to  just take our word for it – listen to what some of the businesses in the Russian-speaking communities in Florida have to say about RussianTown:

“Before reaching to RussianTown Magazine for their advertising services, my business did not have a lot of exposure. I could not find a reliable Russian media outlet in Florida that I could use effectively. Now I have a boost in sales and it is largely due to my presence in RussianTown.“ – Real-estate agent, Sarasota, FL

“Our restaurant has picked up tremendous amount of business in the area since we signed an advertizing contract on with RussianTown Magazine. This Russian magazine in Florida is truly the best thing that has ever happened to my restaurant and to the local community in general.” – Restaurant Owner, Orlando, FL

“Many people in the Russian-speaking community in Florida need our services. But they did not know where to go and our medical office was often overlooked simply because we didn’t have the proper exposure among the Russian speaking community.  Patients did not know we were here. After signing on with RussianTown and their advertising campaign, our appointment books are full. Many of these customers are Russian-speaking citizens, so we know the boost came from RussianTown. Thanks!” –Medical Center, Miami, FL

“Our plastic surgery practice was slowing down quite a bit because we were not being seen by enough people who needed our services. We thought that Russian advertising in Florida has also been on the decline until we came across RussianTown and its ability to reach the Russian-speaking community. Now, our business has never been better!” – Plastic Surgeon, Jacksonville, FL

“We really wanted to reach out to the Russian-speaking community because we know of their loyalty and their desire to maintain a fresh appearance at all times. RussianTown Magazine was just the savior that we needed! After placing our ads with them, we now have a steady flow of new customers. Many of them didn’t even realize that we’ve been in their community for awhile. RussianTown has bridged the gap between our shop and the customers that need our services.” – Mesotherapy Clinic, Northport, FL

“We knew the Russian-speaking community in Florida was growing, and we wanted to attract these citizens as students in our institution. When we started advertising with Russian Town, the enrollment of Russian-speaking students at our college literally doubled. We cherish our Russian students because they always work hard for their careers and families, and they have all been very successful in their studies here. We would recommend RussianTown’s services to all businesses and institutions that are trying to reach the Russian-speaking community.” – Education and Development  Center, St Petersburg, FL