Russian Newspaper FloridaIf you wonder whether you will benefit from advertising in RussianTown magazine we can assure you that

The answer is Yes!

RussianTown has developed a unique system of bonuses to reward clients who sign a contract for at least six issues.

Our website offers a Business Directory where all our advertisers and their products/services are listed. Readers can make a search in our directory to locate businesses or services they need. If anyone clicks on a company name, they will see an exact copy of the advertisement run in RussianTown magazine including the company’s contact information. If this is your business, your email and website link will also be visible for your potential clients. Our business directory is one of the most popular Russian media portals in Florida reaching over 260,000 Russian-speaking consumers in the sunshine state. Not only your business can increase its visibility via RussianTown but also receive additional benefits. Interested? Keep reading.

RussianTown magazine in Florida is vital for the growth of the communities that that publication caters for. With this in mind, we also offer a broadcasting bonus for our clients who sign a contract for half a year of services or longer! This gives you six months of exposure to a vast Russian community in Florida who are ready to hear and see you.

To help you increase your business’s bottom line while expanding Russian media in Florida, we will run a 30-second radio commercial for your business on RussianTown Radio that will be played 6 times a day. You will receive 180 runs per month, which totals to 1,080 runs over six months. We are happy to do this because the Russian media is needed in Florida, and your business will sure be in demand in markets not yet saturated by many advertisers such as this one. In addition, RussianTown will place your ad on its Facebook page that currently has about 1,700 friends (as of May,12) and is growing daily. We also post all advertisers who sign contracts for six months or longer in our iPhone app, which gives thousands of customers an instant access to your business via mobile marketing. This allows you to reach the bulk of the Russian-speaking communities throughout the state of Florida.

Not only do we provide Russian advertising in Florida through our printed publication, but we also place your ads in several other forms free to consumers. You simply pay for the placement of your advertisement in RussianTown magazine and we make your business appear though all of the media above. Simply put, we make your advertising dollars work for you in multiple ways and at a very reasonable price.

How can we offer all of this to you?

We do it all through targeted marketing to a community that is drastically underestimated. You need to step up and become visible to the Russian consumers in Florida because they will be loyal to good businesses. All of our media platforms belong to RussianTown and we utilize them for the promotion of our magazine as well as your company.
We want your business to be profitable and to grow. Your success equals our success. Don’t wait any longer and let us work as a team. Contact RussianTown today and we will get started!