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Have you considered reaching your ads the Russian-speaking community in Florida? If not, then you should change your marketing plan today!

Why? The Russians tend to become loyal to a select group of businesses that provide products and services they need. Therefore, if you give them what they want, they will continue to bring their business to you. More importantly, they will be your loyal customers as long as you maintain a good level of professionalism. RussianTown Magazine is a free publication that targets specifically the Russian-speaking communities in Florida. Its presence in these communities gives you access to a large segment of the population that is eager to be reached. Our magazine is the centerpiece of Russian advertising in Florida and will put your business in front of over 260,000 Russian-speaking people in this sunshine state. That means you can reach 260,000 more people than you are currently touching. Think about what these additional customers can do for your P&L sheet!

IT’S FREE!! Yes, you heard that right – our Russian newspaper and magazine in Florida are distributed for free to all the people who might be looking to do business with you. RussianTown is regularly distributed in more than 20 Russian grocery stores, law offices, doctors’ offices, colleges, and other entities in several cities in Florida. In addition to these places, there are other outlets that our magazines are distributed in, and more organization are lining up for the chance to distribute our magazine. What does having Russian media in Florida mean to your company? It means new customers who are ready to give you their loyalty and repeat sales. The more people read our magazine, the more consumers will see YOUR ADVERTISING! We agree that having a printed edition of a magazine is a great thing. However, RussianTown does not stop there. In addition to placing your ads in our printed magazine, we will also run them in our online version at . This allows readers to share our magazine and your advertising with even more people. RussianTown’s visibility skyrockets because two or three times more people read our magazine electronically. This also makes RussianTown and your business quickly accessible from smart phones, computers and other portable “smart” devices.

Readers can also obtain a full electronic copy of RussianTown in PDF format from our website which means that an exact copy of your advertisement in our print magazine will also be seen by thousands of people online. Since our first issue in 2003, all of RussianTown Magazine editions have been archived, which means that Russian media in Florida have been around for longer than just a few years.

What is the most important question?

What are you waiting for? RussianTown Magazine boasts over 3,500 regular readers who access our website on a daily basis. If we tally up the numbers of readers that read the print edition, we come up with about 25,000 readers plus the people who choose to view the online version. Approximately 55,000 people are influenced by RussianTown Magazine and this number increases daily. So, don’t wait and bring your business to us and watch it grow!

The quality of RussianTown magazine attracts and retains its readers.
The content of RussianTown magazine keeps their attention.
RussianTown magazine covers the entire state of Florida.
Going with RussianTown can result in fruitful profits for your business at a minimal cost to you.

Russian Florida, the second largest Russian-speaking community in the USA can confirm this!