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RussianTown is a magazine distributed in Florida. We are a free Russian-language publication printed and distributed in Florida. The magazine caters to the continuously growing Russian-speaking population in the area, which gives RussianTown a distinct advantage because of the direct and exclusive access to a large segment of affluent Florida population that has a need for attention from businesses like yours, i.e. the Russian-speaking community.

What does this have to do with you? RussianTown brings you new business and great success for your company! Why? For one thing, the Russian media in Florida has not been yet made available to many people who need it. As a result up until now many businesses have overlooked and literally ignored the possibilities that marketing to the Russian segment could present for them. They don’t realize that in order to capture these local markets, you have to earn the loyalty of the local people first. RussianTown Magazine fills this gap by catering specifically to the Russian-speaking community in Florida like no one else does.

What is the importance of this?

If you are a businessman, figures will explain this to you the best. The Russian-speaking community in Florida is the second largest in the USA and is home to over 260,000 Russian speakers. Russian advertising in Florida is crucial for the people who speak this language and businesses need to understand that targeting Russian-speaking citizens can significantly increase their profitability. RussianTown Magazine is distributed among consumers at no cost to them whatsoever, which allows your ads to reach a much wider audience without intimidating the consumer. We are a business just like you and we do understand that the more our ads are seen, the higher our profits will go. Russian media in Florida have a lot of room to grow due to the constantly expanding number of Russian communities in the area. So, you should take the next step for growth and reach out to them.

Why do readers choose RussianTown?

People choose to read RussianTown Magazine because it covers a variety of topics from daily news, politics, and culture to sports, health, technology, history and more. Not only it focuses on Russia and the United States, but covers the entire world! Consumers like getting this information directly from one reliable source familiar to them and their lifestyle, and from our first days RussianTown has assumed the role of a provider of critical information and advertising. RussianTown was first published in March of 2003. Since then, it has been voted the #1 magazine in its genre every year by loyal readers who realize the greatness of the publication. Every community in the state of Florida needs your products and services but Russian-speaking people are truly thirsty for good businesses with great customer service. So, let RussianTown put you in front of a community that will become loyal to a business like yours!